Tuesday, December 02, 2008

dressing room land mines

dressing room land mines
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Joanna wanted me to try on some new clothes today so we went to the local major retailer that is not the one you think it is. When I went into the dressing room the floor was covered with these little nasties. You wouldn't want to walk around this room without having shoes on. I spent the first couple of minutes picking up the pins you see on the bench so I could take my shoes off to try on some slacks. After I was done I took the pins to the sales clerk and told her that I found all those on the floor of the dressing room. She sounded concerned and said that they would send someone in to clean up the floor. After looking at the picture again and thinking about it I don't think they are very thorough by the looks of the bent ones and the fact that some of them were embedded in the carpet. With the fact that America is a very litigious country and getting one of these stuck in your foot they would be very careful about making sure the floor was clean. But on the other hand, why do they put so many pins in a shirt that is wrapped in a plastic bag to begin with? I for one don't equate the quality of the shirt to the number of straight pins that are stuck in it.


Fe_Cavallo said...

What store was like this? Ill make sure the dressing room floor is cool the next time my son ends up buying close there.

PLC.Doctor said...

I won't come right out and say what store it was because I think we should be careful no matter which store you shop in that has uses straight pins in the shirts. But having said that, the store in question name rhymes with "Shot Rocks."