Monday, December 21, 2009

Sad Day in America

Our pencil sharpener quit working so I decided to see if I could fix it. That is what you do when something is not working like it was intended to, right? So how hard could it be to find a replacement gear, all I have to do is open a web browser, do a Google search and order a replacement gear from the manufacturer. WRONG! Can you believe here it is almost 2010 and they don't have a web presence. I did find an office products forum post that had quite a few other people looking for the same gear on similar models of my pencil sharpener. It looks like these nylon gears become brittle with age and eventually fail. By the looks of the serial number it was most likely made in 1982 so I guess I did get my moneys worth out of it. The only thing is I think it is a good sharpener with lots of life left in the motor and not ready for the junk box. But what do I do for a replacement gear? I don't have the equipment at home to cut a new gear. I'm hoping that someone might read this blog and want to take on making a gear for me but the chances of that happening is mighty slim. My other option is trying to find a replacement gear that I might be able to adapt to work.

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Gregory said...

last update was in 2009?